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Radulphus Brito

Hans Burkhardt

Pages 481 - 182

In Quaestiones 9-12 of his commentary on De differentiis topicis of Boethius Radulphus Brito (Raoul de Breton, died 1320) discusses the part-whole relation. In Quaestio 9 he distinguishes between two kinds of integral whole. One kind is the homogeneous whole, the essence or nature of which is inherited by every part. Examples of homogeneous wholes are water and flesh. The other kind of integral whole is the heterogeneous whole. An example of heterogeneous whole, is a house – the parts of the house, for example a wall or roof, are not themselves houses.

1Department of Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians University at Munich

1 Green-Pedersen, N. J. (ed.), 1978, “Radulphi Britonis Quaestiones super libro Topicorum Boethii”, in: Cahiers de L’Institut du Moyen-Age Grec et Latin, Copenhague 1-92.


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