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Metamathematics of Mereology

Andrzej Pietruszczak

Pages 361 - 367

We will briefly examine mathematical properties of mereological structures as defined by Stanisław Leśniewski and Alfred Tarski (Leśniewski 1991, Tarski 1956a). By a mereological structure we mean a pair (M, ⊏) (or (M, ⊑) resp.), where M is a non-empty set and ⊏ (or ⊑, resp.) is a binary relation in M, and such that for some complete Boolean algebra (A, +, •, –, 0, 1) we have M = A\{0} and for all x, yM: xy iff xy and xy (resp. xy iff xy, or), where the relation ≤ is defined as follows (see section 3 below):

1Department of Logic, Nicolaus Copernicus University

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