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Twardowski, Kazimierz

Marek Rosiak

Pages 585 - 588

The Polish philosopher Kazimierz Twardowski (1866-1938) was the first who proposed a fully developed theory of parts and wholes. He studied philosophy under Franz Brentano in Vienna and founded the Lvov-Warsaw Philosophical School in Poland in 1895. His main philosophical work is the influential study Zur Lehre vom Inhalt und Gegenstand der Vorstellungen [On the Doctrine of Content and Object of Representations] (1894). This study contains in chapters 9-11 Twardowski’s part-whole theory, which, however, has various weaknesses and deficiencies. It was formulated with the aim of analysing the relation between an object and the content of a representation and distinguishes many different kinds of parts, but not all distinctions are supplied with intuitive examples. Even though it leaves many questions unanswered, it can serve as a rich source of inspiration rather than as a fully furbished theoretical tool.

1Department of Logic, University of Lodz

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