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Structure of Appearance, Goodman’s

Daniel Cohnitz

Pages 519 - 522

The Structure of Appearance (1951, short SA) is perhaps Nelson Goodman's main work, although it is less widely known than, for example, Languages of Art (1986). It is, in fact, a heavily revised version of Goodman's Ph.D. thesis, A Study of Qualities (Goodman 1941, short SQ). SA presents a ‘constructional’ system that, just like the constitution system in Rudolf Carnap's Der logische Aufbau der Welt (1928), shows how from a basis of primitive objects and a basic relation between those objects all other objects can be obtained by definitions alone. In SA (and already in SQ) Goodman applies a mereological system, the Calculus of Individuals, which he developed jointly with Henry Leonard (first published in Goodman and Leonard 1940). The use of mereology allows him to avoid certain technical problems that Carnap’s system encounters.

1Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University

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