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Scherzer, Johann Adam

Hans Burkhardt

Pages 499 - 502

Johann Adam Scherzer (1628-1683) taught philosophy in Leipzig. Of historical importance to mereology is the chapter of his Axiomata resoluta on the subject (Scherzer 1686). This work influenced his pupil Leibniz who treated Scherzer along with Joachim Jungius as sources of his mereological analyses in a number of texts.

1Department of Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians University at Munich

1 Scherzer, J.A. (1654a), Vademecum sive Manuale philosophicum, Pars III, Axiomata resoluta, Leipzig: Weidmann, 1686.

2 Scherzer, J.A. (1654b), Axiomata resoluta, translated by John Kronen and Jeremiah Reedy, introduction and explanatory notes by John Kronen, Munich: Philosophia, 2016.


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