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Allan Bäck

Pages 487 - 489

Reduplication concerns the qualification of statements so as to talk about certain aspects of them. In Aristotelian philosophy reduplications were typically marked by ‘qua’, ‘in virtue of’ etc.; hereafter ‘qua’ will be used for the purpose of a generic illustration. Such qua phrases generally restrict the scope of the statement to a part of what is stated originally. Sometimes Aristotle uses the term ‘reduplication’ (ἐπαναδίπλωσις) in discussing them, as his examples of qua propositions generally had a repetition, or ‘reduplication’, of one of the terms. E.g., “the good is known, in that (öτι) it is good” (An. Pr. 49 a 11 – An. Pr. 49 a 35). By medieval times all qua propositions were called ‘reduplicative’.

1Department of Philosophy, Kutztown University

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